Starter Kits

We designed a collection of cleaning products for different purposes. Our Starter Kits are everything you need to get started and make your cleaning virtuous and fun. Buy our bottle once and refill for eternity.


Rev up your cleaning arsenal with our fabulous range of tablet refills, all set to swoop in and rescue your space from the clutches of stubborn spots and quirky messes!

Cleaning Sprays

Amp up the excitement as you spritz a swirl of our fabulous eco-friendly cleaning products, infusing your space with an explosion of unparalleled freshness and irresistible charm.

Hand Soap

Turn your hand-washing into a fragrant fiesta with our foaming hand soap eco-friendly tablet!


Spice up your kitchen game with our fabulously supercharged products, designed to kick grease and grime to the curb while giving Mother Nature a high-five!


Ignite the spark of chemical-free laundry detergent, a vibrant solution primed to conquer stubborn stains with the same intensity as your adventurous escapades!


Give your bathroom a spa day – no toxins allowed - when you unleash a whirlwind of freshness and flair with our dazzling lineup of fabulous bathroom cleaners!


We’ve got you covered with a range of home accessories to make your cleaning chores just a bit more friendly. And in the unlikely event that you need a replacement part for one of our infinity glass bottles, you’ll find them here.

fragrance of the month

Citrus Blossom - Foaming Hand Soap

Transport your senses to a sun-drenched citrus grove with our Citrus Blossom Hand Soap tablet. This invigorating fragrance blends zesty notes of ripe oranges and tangy lemons with delicate, sweet blossoms, leaving your hands refreshed and revitalized with every wash.

Elevate your daily routine with the essence of citrus in every wash.

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