At FabTab, we're passionate about doing our part to kick single-use plastic to the curb – no pollution, no kidding! We believe in the power of unity, and our commitment shines through every step of the way. From sourcing to delivery, we're raising the bar of eco-consciousness because you deserve nothing but the best.


Nothing Fabulous About Plastic Pollution.

Traditional cleaners might be great at tidying up, but they've got a not-so-cool side hustle: generating plastic pollution like it's their full-time job. And when they're not busy clogging up the oceans with plastic, they're hitting up waterways and eroding soil with toxins in a not-so-cool dance routine. Time to give them a pink slip and let the Earth boogie toxin-free.


Get the infinity glass bottle once, and let the FabTab keep the party going for eternity!

Kick those grocery store cleaners to the curb and welcome FabTab into your home. Our non-toxic cleaning tablets will leave every surface of yours sparkling! These little wonders come in compostable packaging and are paired with an oh-so-chic glass infinity bottle, making cleaning a planet-loving party that never ends.